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“Mad” Randy Flann is ready to take the world stage through RoFo Enterprise, Corporation. So bring down the houselights, and raise the curtains, because the show that is in progress will be well worth watching and owning a RoFo BevDisHeadgear is an experience unique, unbelievable and entertaining.


RoFo Enterprise, Corporation

During 1988, Flann teamed up with another screenwriter, Terry Landowski, who was so amused and intrigued by the effervescent Flann that he wrote a screenplay built around Randy's persona. In the script; a wacky manufacturer introduces a brand barrelnew product at a Trade Show, a small barrel-like hat placed on the head that dispenses a beverage. The newest practical novelty item. For the amusement of the attending visitors the manufacturer jumped upon a nearby table then announced loudly the line, "LADIES and GENTLEMEN... Most People like a good head on their beer, with this thing; you get a good beer on your head." That was all Randy needed to read for his vivid imagination to create, one year later the first; RoFo "Wooden Barrel" Headgear, of many internationally recognized and phenomenally popular RoFo Headgear versions that were to be fabricated later.

Here was a new, interesting and exciting concept where all of Randy's diverse knowledge, skills and talents could be melded into one marvelously marketable passion and showcase. A RoFo Headgear combines his artistic flair and the eye of a Sculptor/Designer to craft, the character and the zeal of an Actor to make it all come to life in promoting the product.

After his 1990 - 1991 One-man national marketing campaign, Randy received positive feedback from large corporations as GATORADE, HAWAIIAN PUNCH, MILLER BREWING COMPANY, COCA COLA COMPANY and SCHEEL'S ALL SPORTS Sporting Goods Stores confirming the product's realistic functionality and marketability. Again, good public and corporate responses and opinions, but no private, or corporate investment.

During the 1990's for 4 years running, Randall Flann was a featured actor on a regional cable program in Milwaukee, WI, entitled; The Swineman Show. swineman1 - YouTube. Throughout this period, Randall learned more about the business of running a business.

Throughout the next years, Flann researched, investigated, constructed worldwide recognizable innovative wearable beverage dispenser prototypes and planned for the day that his wearable beverage dispensers, would be in publications' magazines and sold around the world. On October 19, 1999, Flann received his first U.S. Patent, number U.S. Patent number: 5966743, on his invention entitled "Substance Dispensing Headgear."

In the year 2000, Randy established RoFo Enterprise, Corporation to better serve and prove to his customers that he believes in and stands behind all of his RoFo Headgear products.

Since then Randall Flann's invention is still highlighted in international magazines, newspapers, websites, radio and television stations; www.ABCNEWS.com, www.BEER.com, www.ComedyWorld.com.

During the upcoming manufacturing of the product, some national chain and independent Sporting Goods and Department Stores are awaiting to negotiate distribution of Mr. Flann's beverage headgear. And inquiries from European Media: Broadcast Television, Radio. Websites, Printing currently requesting Mr. Flann and the RoFo Headgear to be apart of their means of mass communication and the people involved with their production in their countries.

RoFo Enterprise, Corporation is committed to sell its products at a reasonable cost. Listening to its worldwide customers and producing the very best variety quality product possible for its consumers. Another exclusive feature that distinguishes this product... all RoFo Motific Spigots are interchangeable with all other RoFo Headgear.

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