Concept Room

Over the years, RoFo Enterprise, Corporation has received requests to design and create unique and innovative beverage dispensing headgear that express the ideals, images or concepts of a particular corporation or its subsidies.

While these prototypes will rarely be seen at a local sporting event, or on your morning walk, they do express the skill and creativity the Rofo Enterprise Corporation team exhibits in meeting the needs of its potential customers.

In the future Artist RoFo, Randall Flann plans to create beverage dispensing headgear with special or limited focus. This could include special sports team beverage dispensing headgear, or beverage dispensing headgear with a university logo, theme, or mascot. Not to mention, a beverage dispensing headgear for a particular brand name or product. Nearly any University, or corporate emblem can be assimilated into a functional and interesting non-alcoholic beverage dispensing headgear.

You can view the beverage dispensing headgears exclusively designed for big corporations, celebrities or special themes and share your opinions with us. While these beverage dispensing headgears are presently not available for purchase, they provide an insight into the unique design capabilities available from . The depictions that you are reviewing are called “concept designs”. Before they could be manufactured, they would have to be approved by the appropriate corporate or university boards, advisors, and personal plus pass a variety of rigorous U.S. Food and Drug Administration legal requirements.

Enjoy your visit to our CONCEPT ROOM. Remember at RoFo Enterprise, Corporation, any creative image or idea can be accommodated. We are constantly exploring new innovations that make our products vibrant, thematic and fun. Let us know what you think... your opinions and comments will be personally reviewed and evaluated by RoFo Enterprise, Corporation's founder, “Mad” Randy Flann; artist and inventor.


RoFo BevDisHeadgear

1. The safety, comfort and balance of the item when worn on the head.
2. The disbursement is regulated by a spigot in front of the unit.
3. The patent allows our company to pattern the product to meet your specific needs, allowing for variables in the construction by your company and its agents.
4. Your company’s logo / trademark can be placed on the product in front, back, and visually displayed on the sides.
5. On flat surfaces the RoFo BevDisHeadgear remains stationery for easy use and storage.
6. Produced with FDA approved plastic.
7. Lightweight in construction.
8. Conforms to the wearer’s head.
9. Washable interior.
10. Retains the temperature of the fluid content for an undetermined span of time.
11. Spigots are uniquely designed and are interchangeable with each RoFo BevDisHeadgear.
12. Ratchet suspension makes for adjustable, one size fits all heads.
13. During transportation of a beverage on the head, the hands are free to perform other tasks.

The RoFo trademark symbolizes uniqueness of style and high quality in concept, creation and design.


RoFo BevDisHeadgear

The unique properties of the invention; the RoFo BevDisHeadgear, is in its intended use. Unlike thermos, and other drink containers the RoFo BevDisHeadgear is designed as a portable beverage transportation devise. The light weight construction allows the user to transport up to two liters, 67.6 fluid ounces of their favorite beverage product while comfortably worn on the head; to the beach, ballpark, cook-out, or most martial arts bouts.

RoFo BevDisHeadgear Video